Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tea Bag Swap ATC

These are the ATCs that I made for a Tea Bag Swap on a yahoo group called Artist Trading Cards. The goal for this swap was to use at least 1 part of a tea bag, but preferably more. This is how I created mine:

  1. First I added 2 cups of water to a measuring cap and 6 tea bags, I heated in the microwave for 3 minutes.
  2. Next I added the "brewed" tea to a squirt bottle (after allowing it to cool).
  3. I thoroughly sprayed my white card stock allowing it to pool and set it aside to dry. (I lost patience and got out my heat gun to speed up the process).
  4. I then took the leaves out of the tea bag and spread them all over my paper, making sure to press then down onto the paper really good, and allowed it to dry for a few minutes but not completely.
  5. Next  I took so Modge Podge and coated my paper tea leaves and all.
  6. After it was dried I cut the paper down to the standard 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 ATC size.
  7. I cut out a tea pot off of the From My Kitchen cartage using my cricut (cut it at 2")
  8. I used Vintage Photo distress embossing powered on the tea pot for some texture.
  9. Then I took the tag from the packaging and tucked the string inside the tea pot lid.
  10. I used the Tea Bag wrapper as part of the background, founded a Alice in Wonderland Tea Party scene (by search google) added it, and printed out the sentiment on my computer.
  11. I then Modge Podge over then entire card to keep everything in it's place.
Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Another winner. Really nice work, Jamie!

  2. Thanks for sharing your technique. Love the cards!!

  3. I'm really very curious - does the mod podge seal in the aroma, or does it smell like tea?

  4. Very cool use of all kinds of tea supplies! Can't wait to see these in person.

  5. Hi Jamie, I am very impressed. You went to all that trouble and effort, and then, in the end, you plan to give them all away? I am too selfish for that. I know what ATC stands for, but I have yet to make a card that I am willing to part with. Maybe when I have made more I might change my mind. Either way I admire your work profoundly.