Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8 of Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas

I'm just loving these personal mini classes that we get each day from Tim. It's like having him right in my craft room with me (okay, so a girl can dream). The day 8 tag was all about some serious masking. Here is Tim's tag:

My Day 8 Tag

Today's tag took some thinking! How was I going to do the masking technique without the mask or any blank masking sheets? I ponder this most of the afternoon and then it hit me. I used my Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartage to cut out the sleigh and reindeer. I used the negative and positive images just a Tim did on his tag, but let me tell you had I had the blank masking sheets this process would have been MUCH easier.

I then used my Plankin School Book cartage to cut out the city in place of Tim's edge die. Side Christmas list is getting longer with each

I had all the hardware that Tim used on his tag for my tag which made me happy.

So that's it for Day on to day 9, I'm kind of sad that these days seem to be going so fast, so it will be over and then I'll have to find something else to fill my "me time" time.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with me, I really do appreciate the comments.


  1. Great job on the tag! And very creative of you to use your cricuit to give you a hand!



  2. Think it looks fab - I didn't have the mask, but did have some masking sheet - & didn't find it easy at all!! Maybe it's just me. Can't wait for day 9... not long to go!!

  3. Brilliant adaptation of the tag - your sleigh and reindeer are tres chic, thanks for sharing xxx

  4. Great idea to use the cricut, your masking turned out fab :)